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David Sedaris will appear at Robinson Performance Hall in Little Rock for one night only: Friday, April 21, at 8 p.m.  

Betse & Clark the Creek Rocks
Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

Betse & Clarke, a fiddle and banjo duo from Kansas City, Missouri, performed with Springfield, Missouri group the Creek Rocks live on KUAR's Not Necessarily Nashville Saturday evening before a show later that night in Little Rock. You can hear segments of the broadcast above.

Does the smell of a new book make you happy? Grab your favorite public radio tote bag and join NPR journalists, voices and staffers at the 16th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Our hosts, journalists and even our Vice President of News will lead book chats with writers in a wide range of genres.

Find details about these events in the schedule below.

NPR at the National Book Festival

Category: Fiction

NPR Retires The Planet Money iPhone App

Sep 20, 2016

In 2012 we launched the Planet Money app, a standalone product aimed at bringing the many passionate Planet Money listeners a more intimate experience with our content. Today we're announcing that we are ending support for the app, while both new and old episodes will stop appearing in the app in October.

Scott Detrow had a terrific story today about Donald Trump's appearance at a Black church. The pastor called Trump on the carpet for attacking Hillary Clinton when he had promised not to be partisan. Trump later attacked the pastor and misstated key facts about what actually happened.

We're excited about programming changes coming to KUAR 89.1 this fall! If you like ground-breaking storytelling and expanded local content, we think you'll be enthusiastic about these changes, too.

Tough headlines can be hard to stomach – and even harder to digest when the stories behind the headlines are nuanced, complex and sometimes difficult to understand.

Such is the case with the opioid epidemic, which has spread through America's homes and consciousness with a devastating impact. It's affected Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life – from members of marginalized communities to legendary international icon, Prince. So how did we get here and where can we go from here?

At NPR, our success depends on our ability to connect with our listeners and readers. It is the cornerstone of our public media mission. We want to hear your voice, and we want you to actively inform our ideas about the stories we tell and how we tell them.

NPR Interns Present 'Off Mic' Episode 2

Aug 4, 2016

NPR journalists tell important stories every day. But how do they do it? In our first episode, we talked to some of NPR's most seasoned voices to learn about their craft. But in our second episode, we explored questions about other parts of the newsroom to include people whose roles expand beyond the mic.

UALR Public Radio Open House

Tuesday, August 16, 5-8pm

5820 Asher Avenue, Suite 400