Local & Regional News
10:13 am
Tue May 21, 2013

Arkansas Teen Killed By Flying Storm Debris

Arkansas State Police

Authorities say a teenager was killed in northwest Arkansas on Monday night when storm debris crashed into his car. 

Arkansas State Police say 19-year-old Austin Deere of Prairie Grove died at about 7:30 p.m. Monday while driving on U.S. 412 in Springdale.

A preliminary report says a street sign that was uprooted by high winds landed on top of Deere's car. Deere was pronounced dead at the scene by the Washington County coroner.

The Storm Prediction Center says a wind gust of 69 mph was recorded in Springdale at the same time as the accident.

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Local & Regional News
6:43 am
Tue May 21, 2013

Storms Hit Much Of Arkansas


The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for much of Arkansas on Monday evening, and rain and storms are forecast to last through much of Tuesday. 

Forecasters say the main threat Tuesday will shift to damaging winds and heavy rain, though isolated tornadoes are possible. Parts of west-central Arkansas could get between 4 and 5 inches of rain.

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Local & Regional News
6:02 am
Tue May 21, 2013

Little Rock Museums Lowering Rates For Riverfest

Downtown Little Rock

Two museums in downtown Little Rock are lowering their admission rates during this year's Riverfest. 

The Clinton Presidential Center and the Museum of Discovery are offering $5 admission during operating hours for the festival over the Memorial Day weekend.

The Clinton Center is to be open Friday through May 27, which is Memorial Day. The Discovery Museum is to be closed Friday but it is planning special programs while it is open the rest of the holiday weekend.

Riverfest draws about 250,000 people to downtown Little Rock each year.

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Local & Regional News
7:14 pm
Mon May 20, 2013

Inside Union Pacific's North Little Rock Rail Yard

A freight train travels through the Union Pacific yard in North Little Rock, with the Arkansas Capitol in the background.
Michael Hibblen/ KUAR

Railroads have long been a key industry for Arkansas, with North Little Rock today being the home of one of the largest rail yards for Union Pacific.

The sprawling grounds are busy 24 hours a day with arriving and departing freight trains.

It’s a complicated process, sorting rail cars that arrive from all over the country, changing crews and servicing the equipment.

Directing the action from the top of a tower in the center of the yard is General Yard Master Robby Robelot. He says the biggest challenge is coordination and timing.

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Ballet Review
6:16 pm
Mon May 20, 2013

Children's Tale Comes To Life in Pinocchio

The finale to Sunday's performance of "Pinocchio"

If you thought the carnival left Arkansas with the conclusion of the Symphony’s final Pops concert last weekend, you’d be wrong. The Arkansas Festival Ballet’s "The Adventures of Pinocchio" presented its own circus atmosphere this weekend with wandering minstrels and prizes in the lobby and marionette dolls played by children on stage at the Arkansas Arts Center’s Children’s Theater.  The marionettes looked so wooden it was genuinely difficult to tell if they were real.

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Treasurer Kickbacks
5:54 pm
Mon May 20, 2013

US Attorney: State Treasurer's Alleged Actions Erode Public Trust

US Attorney Chris Thyer (at podium) told reporters after Arkansas Treasurer Martha Shoffner's arraignment hearing that she was arrested over the weekend after accepting $6,000 from an FBI informant.
Credit Nathan Vandiver / KUAR

US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas Chris Thyer said Monday that allegations against state Treasurer Martha Shoffner are grave.

He spoke to reporters after Shoffner made her initial court appearance on charges she accepted money from a broker in return for investing state money with that broker.

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Local & Regional News
3:07 pm
Mon May 20, 2013

Study: Digital Divide Narrowing Between Generations


Researchers at the University of Central Arkansas have completed a study showing that the digital divide between younger and older generations is beginning to narrow. 

The study reveals some surprising truths about seniors. They have more money available for technological expenses, are already a significant online presence, and they use technology and the internet in comparable ways to younger generations.

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Breaking News
11:06 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Filing Says Arkansas Treasurer Admitted Accepting Money From Broker

Martha Shoffner's mug shot after being arrested Saturday by the FBI.
Credit Pulaski County Sheriff's Office

An affidavit filed in federal court alleges that Arkansas Treasurer Martha Shoffner repeatedly took cash payments from a broker who invested state money.  

The affidavit filed Monday claims that Shoffner accepted multiple payments of $6,000 cash that were sometimes rolled up and hidden in a pie box.

The affidavit says the broker has been granted immunity in exchange for his or her cooperation. 

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Public Service In Helena-West Helena
7:18 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Hope Rising In Helena-West Helena, Arkansas: Part Three

Gracie Gonner at her office in the Family Center.
Malcolm Glover KUAR

Communities throughout the Arkansas Delta often battle against a rising tide of economic woes. As factories close and labor-intensive jobs leave small towns, populations dwindle in many rural cities.

For decades, outside investments from banks and charitable organizations helped stimulate marginal growth, but most of the heavy lifting necessary to revitalize communities must be done by the people who live there.

In downtown Helena, a building that was once a post office is now a hub for various programs that provide important services to women and families.

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Local & Regional News
5:41 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Severe Weather Forecast For Northwest Arkansas

The National Weather Service in North Little Rock says severe weather is possible in north and western parts of the state. 

Forecasters say a weather system that brought devastating tornadoes to the Plains on Sunday was pushing toward northwest Arkansas on Monday. The storms led the way for a cold front, which is meeting a high pressure system that's over Arkansas and other southern states.

The high pressure ridge is causing the front to stall, with storms expected to develop over the northern and western Arkansas.

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