Asa Hutchinson
Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

The death of Fidel Castro represents a “moment that I believe needs to be seized,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Monday. Speaking to reporters, Hutchinson said the death Friday of Cuba’s longtime leader is a “momentous occasion … that gives us an opportunity we’ve never had before.” That includes an opportunity to sell Arkansas’ agricultural products, and an opportunity for the Cuban people to experience more freedom, leading to better relationships between the United States and Cuba. “That’s the...

Michael Poore Little Rock Superintendent
Jacob Kuaffman / KUAR News

The Little Rock School District is continuing to host community meetings regarding possible school closures, but critics are concerned the decisions have already been made. Five schools in LRSD are being considered for closure in a proposal by superintendent Michael Poore. Three community meetings to gather public feedback on the proposal were hosted before Thanksgiving, and four more are on the schedule before the district closes for the winter holiday. Opponents of the school closures...

An infant is unharmed after she was thrown into a drainage ditch during a two-vehicle accident near Texarkana. Texarkana police say 8-month-old Bryce Hale was one of five people traveling in a car on Interstate 30 Friday night when a semitrailer hit the vehicle while changing lanes. The vehicle skidded before striking the median's guardrail. Police say Bryce was ejected from the vehicle's back window and landed beneath some metal bars at the entrance of drainage ditch separating eastbound and...

Bob Johnson, Mack McClarty and Franklin McClarty
Talk Business & Politics

Three Arkansas business icons are optimistic that a President Donald Trump will govern more pragmatically than candidate Trump campaigned. Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty, Franklin McLarty and Robert L. “Bob” Johnson were guests on this week’s Talk Business & Politics in a roundtable moderated by KATV’s Chris May. The three successful businessmen, all of whom supported Hillary Clinton for President, were in Little Rock a week ago for a chamber of commerce luncheon. Mack McLarty , CEO of the...

RaMaya Reed
KATV, Channel 7 News

Little Rock police have announced a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction for whoever fatally shot a 2-year-old girl earlier this week. Police announced Friday that an anonymous donor gave $10,000 for the reward, and the city of Little Rock matched that donation. Authorities say the girl was riding in a vehicle Tuesday night when she was struck by gunfire. The girl was taken to a Little Rock hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Police say a motive for the...

Little Rock Fire Truck
City of Little Rock

The Fire Prevention office of the Little Rock Rock Fire Department is initiating the "Keep the Wreath Green" campaign to raise awareness of the danger of house fires during the holidays. The campaign centers around five wreaths with green light bulbs scattered at various locations around the city. "We want to give our community the visual of how well they’re doing with fire prevention during the holiday season," says Bo Hagar, Little Rock firefighter and Fire Prevention educator. "Any time...

Butterball Huntsville
Gabriel Thompson / Slate Magazine

The months leading up to Thanksgiving Day are a busy time for poultry companies that process turkeys. A new report by Slate Magazine says it also adds to an already disturbing amount of pressure for those who work in turkey plants, including one in northwest Arkansas. Reporter Gabriel Thompson wrote an in-depth story published this week for Slate Magazine which was reported in partnership with the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute. It notes that some plants require workers not to...

Human Rights Watch

Arkansas leaders are either rejecting, or staying out of it, when it comes to the call of U.S. Education Secretary John King to end corporal punishment in schools. On Monday, King said corporal punishment amounts to assaulting a child , noting it’s illegal to do to adults in prisons or elsewhere. He also cited federal statistics showing it’s disproportionately applied to minorities and children with disabilities.

ACLU Rita Sklar Bettina Brownstein
Sarah Whites-Koditschek / KUAR News

A federal judge is prohibiting Arkansas from enforcing its anti-begging law. U.S. District Judge Billy Joe Wilson on Tuesday agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas that the law unconstitutionally restricts freedom of speech.

State Rep. David Hillman (R-Almyra).

A three-term Democratic state Representative - who was unopposed in the past two elections - is switching parties and thus giving Republicans a supermajority in the Arkansas House. State Representative David Hillman of Almyra made the announcement on Tuesday.