2014 Wall Calendar: August

Sep 12, 2013

Jonathan Bartlett comes from a small-town-Pennsylvania childhood and landed as an adult in vivacious Brooklyn, NY. Along the way, Bartlett has come into his own as an illustrator recognized for his ability to tell stories, which we also hold near and dear to our hearts at NPR.

So when it came to selecting artists for the NPR Wall Calendar, Bartlett was a natural fit. He said that public radio not only educates, but has often "made me think differently, or given me an idea. It nurtures free thinking and innovative dreams."

We're excited that in listening to NPR this artist, who has received honors for his art, and calls The New York Times and The Atlantic his clients, found inspiration to help tell our story. You can connect with this WNYC New York listener yourself, on Twitter at @seejbdraw.

Every year, we ask artists and illustrators to channel their NPR listening (and love) into art for the NPR Wall Calendar, and we're sharing these designs with you. The 2014 NPR Wall Calendar is available for purchase in the NPR Shop at shop.npr.org.

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