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3:46 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

4-16-2013 Marijuana - A generational Discussion

One of the more controversial issues in our society revolves around the legal use of medical marijuana. Several states have legalized medical marijuana, but for those who have not, the attempts to get it on the ballot have met with continued resistance. This discussion between the older, middle and younger generation guests focuses on the historical negativism, the difference between Hemp and recreational uses...and the changes in our society that now hope for the legalization of medical marijuana.

You've probably never heard a comparative generational discussion about the impact marijuana HAS had, Does have and Will have on our culture. My guests are activists Gary and Melissa Fults...artist Mike Arnold and recent grad Emma Yingling. This is one of the more controversial topics we have covered over the last 13 years on the air....and I'm sure you have an opinion too!