Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
8:25 am
Sat May 4, 2013

4-30-2013 Tinkering

When you were young, did you ever tear something all apart just to see how it worked? Did you then, or do you now, spend hours trying to make something new or something old better? Well, if this sounds familiar about yourself or a member of your family...then you know all about tinkering. My guests for this generational discussion are Joel Gordon from the Little Rock Museum of Discovery. He is the Visitor Experience Director. My younger guest is 14 year old (our youngest ever guest) Jackson Lowry. Jackson will amaze you! It's a fun topic here on Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

Maybe your grandfather worked over a dimly lighted work bench in the basement trying to fix an old fan...or you sister tried to re-do a spent piece of furniture into a trendy chair...or maybe your teenager has taken your computer apart...and actually put it all back together, with NO extra parts.....Tinkering...that's this episode!