4-H Chapters in Arkansas Getting Grant For Program

May 2, 2014

Arkansas’s 4-H chapters will be receiving a grant from the Walmart Foundation to continue its program “Youth Voice: Youth Choice.” It’s part of a $2 million grant distributed among 20 states, in which each could receive up to $65,000 dollars.

National 4-H Council President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo said the program educates and encourages young people to find solutions to community health issues.

“There’s been some exciting work in Arkansas where young people in 4H have started a yoga for kids program and integrated it into the schools. They’ve paired it with nutrition education and the young people are provided with that nutrition education and a DVD to take home,” Sirangelo said.

Projects can also include educating peers about health food options and creating community gardens.

85 percent of young people reported at least one positive nutritional change since participating in the program, Sirangelo said.

“That means they’ve eaten more vegetables or they’re drinking more water or they’re getting more sleep or they’re getting more exercise. That’s happening because of this program. Those are the kind of outcomes we need in our communities.”

Sirangelo also says it is up to the individual states to distribute money to its underserved neighborhoods.