Amnesty Period for Misdemeaner Warrants, Overdue Fines in Little Rock

Dec 23, 2013


Little Rock District Criminal Court is running a temporary amnesty program for people with overdue fines and court costs, as well as failure to appear warrants. Natalie Short, a Senior Probation Officer, said the program is for non-violent offenders.

“These are misdemeanor cases that have already been adjudicated and already been fined out, or given some type of sentence. People have either fallen behind or not made payments as agreed,” said Short. She said the city believes this policy encourages people to come forward.

“Folks might be a little bit more willing to come in and take of their responsibilities and their obligations to the court if they knew that they weren't going to be arrested and there weren't going to be anymore fines added to what they already owe. The idea is to try and get more people to come in and take care of some of these warrants that we've got outstanding and get some of that money collected if possible,” said Short. 

Those who do not take part in the program may have their income tax refund subject to seizure. The amnesty program applies only to misdemeanor offenses and runs each of the five Fridays during January.