Arkansas Congressmen Weigh Syria Decision

Aug 31, 2013

Map of Syria

President Obama's decision Saturday to allow Congress to weigh the issue of military strikes in Syria means Arkansas lawmakers have to make up their minds soon. KUAR's Jacob Kauffman has more... 

The President's announcement prompted Republican Congressmen Tim Griffin to issue a statement Saturday. He said he was “encouraged” by the President's decision to seek approval from Congress but said he was “skeptical,” suggesting military action might not be “appropriate in this instance.”

Republican Tom Cotton, who is running for Senate, said a day before Griffin, the US needs to take “decisive military action.” The other four members of Arkansas's Congressional delegation have not yet issued statements.

Evidence of Syria's use of chemical weapons appears solid. All of Arkansas's Congressmen, except Vic Snyder, supported the use of force in Iraq back in 2002, with only the suspicion of weapons of mass destruction.