Arkansas Correctional Officer Attacked By Inmate With Rod

Jul 13, 2015

Arkansas prison officials are investigating an inmate who allegedly attacked a female correctional officer at the Varner Supermax prison.

Officials say the incident occurred shortly before 8:30 a.m. Monday when the inmate allegedly attacked the officer with a metal rod. Other officers heard her cry out for help and found her on the floor, suffering from what appeared to be two puncture wounds.

The officer was treated and released at a hospital. The officer was not identified but has worked for the Arkansas Department of Correction since April 2013.

Officials say the suspect is 34-year-old inmate Christopher Brewer, who's serving 20 years for a 2007 second-degree murder conviction.

In May, Brewer was convicted of kidnapping and aggravated assault. In that case, Brewer held a nurse hostage at another state prison.