Arkansas Department Of Education Launches Website On Data Privacy

Jul 14, 2016


A new Arkansas Department of Education website details what data is collected on students throughout the state. The department announced the launch on Wednesday. The site also provides the public with easy access to information on several state and federal laws impacting the data collection on Arkansas K-12 students.

Holly Glover, the Department of Education’s Director of Data Use and Privacy helped develop the site.

“There have been some questions on what data is actually collected [and] how that data is being used. And I think that’s the great part about the website. We’re being transparent about everything that’s being collected,” she says.

Glover says people can also access information on new laws, like the Student Online Privacy and Protection Act, passed by the Legislature in 2015.

“[That law basically ensured that data from] any online vendors or contractors that districts use… is protected. So there’s a specific section on the website that talks about the new law,” she says.

A video on the website also instructs school districts on how to best develop programs protecting the privacy of student data. Parents and students already have the option of directly requesting their personal data from through another section of the Department of Education website.