Arkansas Department Of Health Issues Rabies Alert For Skunks

Apr 12, 2013

State health officials are warning the public of an outbreak of rabies in Arkansas.

Over 60 rabid animals have been tested positive for rabies so far in 2013.


Most have been skunks, with three reported in Pulaski County.

Dr. Susan Weinstein, the state public health veterinarian, says the best way people can protect themselves is to vaccinate their dogs, cats, horses and livestock.

“If they are vaccinated and current on their rabies vaccines, then the risk is minimal because the vaccines work very well. If they are unvaccinated and they get bitten by a rabid skunk, ultimately they will die. Rabies is nearly 100% fatal,” said Weinstein.

Weinstein says parents should tell their kids not to play or touch stray and wild animals.

Rabies is deadly to all mammals, including people.

To learn more about the signs of rabies and ways to protect yourself, your family and pets, visit the website for the Arkansas Department of Health.