Arkansas Education Officials Announce Program To Increase Higher Ed Degrees

Jun 12, 2013

Arkansas education officials are announcing a program they say will help with Governor Mike Beebe’s initiative to double the number of Arkansans with college degrees by 2025.

Noting "some college is better than no college," education officials say they’ll use a grant from the Kresge Foundation to put a system in place so the state’s community colleges and universities can blend student information.

The idea is that associates degrees would be awarded to students who transferred to a university from a two-year college and have amassed enough credits for a diploma.

Shane Broadway, the interim director of the Arkansas Department of Education, says statistics show nearly half of Arkansas students who transfer from a two-year school to a university don’t go on to obtain a bachelor's degree. 

Broadway says they hope to eventually put a system in place that offers degrees to students who transfer between four-year public colleges and eventually even students who transfer between any type of college in the state, public or private.