Arkansas Gets High Marks on Kindergarten Policy Study

Apr 1, 2013


A new study by the non-profit Education Commission of the States on state kindergarten policies finds Arkansas is ahead of the game in many areas.

The kindergarten report's findings highlight the significant diversity that exists in state kindergarten policies across states.

Two areas that were studied were whether states must offer full-day kindergarten and whether children must attend kindergarten.

Emily Workman is the study’s author.

“[Arkansas] looked very good compared to a lot of the other states. Not only do you require districts to offer kindergarten, but you’re one of the states that require them to offer full-day kindergarten, which is even less usual. Only 11 states require that,” says Workman.

Workman says Arkansas is also among only 15 states plus the District of Columbia that mandate kindergarten attendance.

Arkansas’ teacher-student ratio is about average compared to other states at 1 teacher per 20 students.