Arkansas Justices Ask For Higher Raises For Supreme Court

Mar 2, 2015

Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Karen Baker complained that, with milieage allowance, Court of Appeals judges would make more than Supreme Court justices.
Credit Brian Chilson / Arkansas Times

Two members of the Arkansas Supreme Court are urging a panel reviewing elected officials' salaries to give justices a higher pay raise than what's initially been recommended.

Justice Jo Hart spoke about the drive from Mountain View and need to rent an apartment in Little Rock.
Credit Brian Chilson / Arkansas Times

Justices Jo Hart and Karen Baker told the Independent Citizens Commission on Monday that justices deserve a higher pay raise because of their workload and in order to ensure the state's most talented lawyers are running for the court. They were among five people to speak at a public hearing on the commission's pay proposal.

The seven-member panel has called for more than doubling legislators' salaries and granting substantial pay raises to other elected officials. The commission has called for raising justices' pay from $149,589 a year to $166,500.

The panel plans a final vote on the pay raises March 16.