Arkansas Liquor Law Change Makes Craft Beer More Accessible

Jul 6, 2014

A recent change in Arkansas' liquor laws allows beer drinkers to enjoy a broader variety of beverages at home.

Stores holding retail beer permits now can sell locally produced beers in 32- and 64-ounce jugs known as growlers. The state's Alcohol Beverage Control Division says the aim is to increase sales and let microbrewers contribute to Arkansas' economic development.

Under the old laws, most microbreweries had few outlets. Regulators say they don't expect every retailer to sell growlers because beer-sellers would have to install expensive equipment.

Some regulations are still in place: Retailers cannot offer free samples, they cannot sell on Sundays and they must seal the bottles before the customer leaves the store.

Arkansas has nearly 20 microbreweries after having just two a few years ago.