Arkansas Nonprofit Participates in Regional Food Challenge

Nov 27, 2013

The Delta Grassroots Caucus has announced a collaboration with regional organizations to ensure needy families are fed during the holiday season.

The effort, known as the Delta Nutrition Challenge, runs through December and involves work with TOPPS, a nonprofit established in Pine Bluff that aims to feed, tutor and nurture children in Central Arkansas. TOPPS is also working with enterprise firm Sharemeister to increase the number of potential donations.

The measure allows consumers to redeem points after purchasing everyday items like food and gasoline, which can be redeemed after donating to the cause.

"We have a large pool of potential donors in east Arkansas and across the region," said Caucus Director Lee Powell in a press release. "So if many people go on to the social giving platform and give $5 each ... it will add up during this Thanksgiving and Christmas."

TOPPS, who is partnering with the Caucus as a result of previous successes with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff,  is also encouraging Arkansas residents to make food donations and monetary contributions, especially since the number of impoverished families have increased due to federal food stamp cuts.

"We are not a food bank ... but it's almost like we're becoming a food pantry because we find so many people in need, and we're seeing it every day," said TOPPS Executive Director Annette Dove.

Registration for the fundraising initiative can be found at

Additional information about TOPPS contributions is located at