Arkansas Senators Support Changes to Food Stamp Enrollment

Jun 5, 2013


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is close to invoking cloture on the $100 billion a year Farm Bill. Both of Arkansas’ Senators, Republican John Boozeman and Democrat Mark Pryor, are supporting the bill. 

It addresses issues of farm subsidies and crop insurance. It also addresses nutrition assistance.

Pryor said about 85% of the bill is directed toward the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.

"I do support SNAP, that is for those of you who don't remember, that's the food stamp program. We call it SNAP now. I do support that, and I think the House and the Senate have different numbers. But, I do think that one thing we need to remember is that the Senate program improves efficiency in the program," Pryor said during a conference call Wednesday.

Senator Boozeman said the elimination of automatic enrollment in some states through home heating assistance programs will help make sure help gets to those who deserve assistance.

"So, all it's doing is closing that loophole and saving four billion dollars [over 10 years] so we can help those who are truly, truly eligible in the future," Boozman said during an interview with KUAR.

The Farm Bill in the Senate calls for $400 million worth of cuts a year to SNAP, which amounts to about half of one percent of the budget under the previous year’s Farm Law. Both Senators Pryor and Boozeman support the reduction in funds and opposed an amendment to keep 2012 funding levels.