Arkansas Teachers Meet To Determine Common Core Standards

Oct 13, 2015


A group of Arkansas school teachers gathered in Little Rock Tuesday to review statewide expectations for math and English education as part of the state's renewal of Common Core standards.

According to Stacy Smith, the Department of Education’s director of curriculum and instruction, the teachers must determine what standards are developmentally appropriate.

She said there is some disagreement in Arkansas among teachers and parents about whether Common Core is too hard.

“We have a bar and that's what standards are. They're the bar that [determine] what we want students to learn at that grade level. You're going to have some that reach the bar and you're going to have some that go over the bar," she said. "It’s just a standard.”

According to Smith, roughly 1,300 teachers and parents have submitted surveys reviewing Common Core on the ADE's website. The surveys are still available to fill out on the ADE’s website.

The teachers, selected by the ADE from across the state, will consider results from the surveys as they make decisions in the weeks to come.