Arkansas Treasurer Puts Email Deletion Policy On Hold

May 6, 2015

Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan speaking last month at a press conference outside the Capitol.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

The Arkansas state treasurer's office has put on hold a new office policy requiring employees to delete all emails after 30 days.

Spokesman Grant Wallace for Republican Treasurer Dennis Milligan said Wednesday that the policy put in place April 17 had been suspended pending further review. An email was sent to treasurer's office employees on April 29 directing them to disregard the deletion policy, which was being removed from the employee handbook.

The email said employees would be notified if and when any new retention policy was established.

Wallace has said the policy was not related to recent criticism of Deputy Chief of Staff Jason Brady for allegedly sending campaign-related emails from his email account at a cancer nonprofit agency while he was helping Milligan's campaign.