Arkansas Unemployment Rate Down To 5.2 Percent In September

Oct 20, 2015

Arkansas’s unemployment rate  dropped to 5.2 percent in September according to the state's Department of Workforce Services. 

There were 2,500 fewer unemployed Arkansans in September. 1,400 workers left the job market and 1,100 new workers found employment. 

"The size of the civilian labor force declined slightly, as the decrease in the number of unemployed more than offset the gain in employment," Susan Price from the department explained in a statement. 

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Economist, Michael Pakko, said the state has seen a 20,000 increase in jobs since September of last year. He said he is optimistic about the coming year. 

"The trends we're seeing in the payroll statistics are job growth about the same rate as the U.S. That is expected to be maintained over the next several months,” he said. 

Government jobs increased by 12,900 last month, although that figure is not adjusted for seasonal shifts, such as the start of the school year. Healthcare and construction jobs also saw increased. Trade, transportation, and utilities decreased by 1,900. 

The national unemployment rate is 5.1 percent.