Arts Scene: If All Arkansas Read The Same Book

Mar 24, 2016

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake is the 2015 Arkansas State Library pick for If All Arkansas Read the Same Book. Author Jenny Wingfield is a native of Arkansas and Louisiana.

If All Arkansas Read the Same Book is a project begun in 2001 when the Arkansas State Library chose a book that it then introduced statewide, also then bringing in the author to encourage a wider reading public. The first author was Terry Kay, and his book, To Dance with the White Dog.

To read is one of the greatest gifts. To be immersed in a book, in a story to the exclusion of all else. What could be better? It gets better with me, because I can talk about the book with the author. And the 2015 State Library choice is Jenny Wingfield, and her novel, her first: The Homecoming of Samuel Lake.

Born in Arkansas, she grew up in Louisiana, is a graduate of Southern Arkansas University, taught school in Hope and Ashdown, and now lives in Texas. Her book is wonderful; has had glowing reviews, such as: "A spectacular ensemble of unforgettable characters," or "Wingfield's sense of people and place is uncanny." I know I couldn't bear to put it down. So, what started it?

This program originally aired Sun., March 13, 2016.

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