Attorney General Files Suit Against Chiropractic 'Runners'

Jun 23, 2014

Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

The Arkansas Attorney General is announcing he’s filed a lawsuit regarding schemes over chiropractic services following automobile accidents. The suit is against central Arkansas businessman, Roger D. Pleasant, who is accused of hounding customers to specific chiropractic clinics. McDaniel says Pleasant and his employees received monetary “kickbacks” from the clinics in exchange. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel explains these people are called ‘chiropractic runners:’

“…people who scour through accident reports at the police department and intentionally look for minorities and people who they think they can access and persuade to go and visit a certain chiropractic clinic or two,” says McDaniel.

Runners can reportedly make several hundred dollars from each person they bring to the involved clinic. McDaniel expects the number of offenses and players involved to expand as the case investigation continues.

Pleasant has denied the allegations, saying he believes he is being unfairly targeted by the state.