Beebe Wants Review Of Arkansas Parole System

Jun 18, 2013

Arkansas' governor says the state's parole system needs review after a parolee was charged in a Little Rock murder.

Darrell Dennis was charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping and capital murder in the May 10 death of 18-year-old Forrest Abrams.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that Dennis had been arrested 14 times since being released on parole in 2008 following an aggravated robbery conviction - and that he skipped parole revocation hearings.

Gov. Mike Beebe said a review is needed to determine whether Dennis' case is an isolated one or one indicating a widespread problem.

Sen. David Sanders of Little Rock welcomed the review.

He sponsored a bill that would require revocation hearings for any parolee arrested for violent or sex crimes. Sanders said legislators should also review the Dennis case.