'Big Library Read' To Showcase E-Book Benefits

May 14, 2013

Credit Central Arkansas Library System / cals.lib.ar.us

The Central Arkansas Library System is set to take part in a worldwide event beginning Wednesday called the “Big Library Read.”

It’s a giant book club of sorts where participants all simultaneously check out the same book via e-readers.

Carol Coffey with CALS said it’s a pilot program to promote libraries e-book offerings.

"It means our patrons can find something to read even when the library's not open," Coffey said. "If they're not able to get down here but they have an internet connection and an e-reader or a computer then they can check something out from the library and benefit from all the resources we have."

The “Big Library Read” begins Wednesday and ends June 1.

"I'm hopeful that maybe they'll do this again because I think it's just fun for everybody to be talking about the same book and the publisher that they're working with called Sourcebooks is also willing to do this and I think that's a great thing," Coffey said.

She says the publisher had to give the okay because the library is usually allowd to lend out only a limited number of e-book copies, much like books on the shelf.

The book is “The Four Corners of the Big Sky” by Michael Malone.