Bill To Let Districts Count Home Schooled Dies In House Committee

Feb 5, 2013

Small school districts teetering on the edge of 350 students won’t be able to count home schoolers as a way to avoid school district consolidation.


The House Education Committee rejected House Bill 1076 that would let school districts count home schooled students in their student populations.

Dana Higdon, superintendent of the Mulberry-Plainview School District said her schools can serve home schooled students if they choose, so they should be counted.

“We are prepared to provide any classes or services to the students who are home schooled in our district, and if we were allowed to count those home school students toward the required 350, it would help our district to be able to aid students to become productive citizens,” Higdon said.

Higdon says there are 48 home schooled students in her district. She said the district’s student population is right at the cut-off for consolidation.

Scott Richardson of the Attorney General’s office said the bill, if passed, would likely be struck down in court.