Central Arkansas Police Departments Launch Apps To Keep Citizens Updated

Jun 5, 2014

Three police departments in central Arkansas are announcing the launch of mobile applications that citizens can download to fight crime in their communities and stay up-to-date on the latest notifications from law enforcement.

The Jacksonville, North Little Rock, and Benton Police Departments are each releasing their own app that they say will help them quickly relay pertinent crime reports and notifications of hazardous situations.

Officer April Kizer with the Jacksonville Police Department said the app will allow users to get push notifications about traffic problems, road closures, hazardous weather, and missing persons. It will also allow residents to upload a photo or video tip anonymously. 

Kizer said the app will feature a most wanted list and details on sex offenders. 

The apps for the Jacksonville and Benton Police Departments have already launched, and the North Little Rock Police Department is expected to launch its app in July.

Where To Download

Benton Police Department



Jacksonville Police Department



North Little Rock Police Department - Coming in July