Cheaper Computers Available For Some Little Rock Students

Mar 12, 2013

Low-income students in the Little Rock School District, who take part in the free and reduced–price lunch program, now have a chance to get district computers at a reduced rate.

Parents of those students can buy the refurbished computers for just $40, under a new program supported by the Coalition of Greater Little Rock Neighborhoods, a civic group. 

Kathy Wells works with the coalition and says parents have to act quickly to take advantage of the deal.

“Wednesday at close of business is the cutoff for parents to go to their child’s school, sign up for a reduced price computer at the school’s main office, and put your $40 down,” said Wells. “Parents can also make arrangements for a scholarship, because many generous folks have put money into the school district account to pay for a family’s computer if the family is unable to pay for a computer itself.”

Wells says 500 computers will be distributed this Saturday at Henderson Middle School in Little Rock from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. In addition to the computers, families will receive a basic internet package from Comcast for $9.95 a month until their child graduates from the Little Rock School District. USB drives from Acxiom will also be given to each computer recipient.