Coming To A Member Station Near You: 'Planet Money' & 'How I Built This'

Jun 29, 2017
Originally published on August 23, 2017 1:08 pm

There are more ways to listen to podcasts than ever before – your favorite app, NPR One, smart speakers and more. Now you can also find special broadcast versions of two of NPR's most popular podcasts – Planet Money and How I Built This – back-to-back on participating Member stations. Steve Nelson, NPR's director of programming, explains why he's excited about the project and which other NPR podcasts are coming to the radio.

Q: How do Planet Money and How I Built This complement one another?

Steve: Beyond the obvious connection of business and money, both shows tell really amazing stories in different ways. Planet Money is on a quest to explain the economy with playful storytelling and deep dive, roll up your sleeves journalism. How I Built This host Guy Raz talks to entrepreneurs and idealists who take us through the often challenging journeys they took to build their businesses.

Q: What should listeners expect from Planet Money and How I Built This back-to-back?

Steve: The first part of the hour will be an episode of Planet Money. On any given week the show might highlight award-winning reporting like last year's investigation of Wells Fargo, or the unexpected threat bald eagles pose to a free-range chicken farm. In the second part of the hour, Guy Raz will interview innovators like Lyft's John Zimmer or Radio One's Cathy Hughes.

Q: I've been listening to Planet Money and How I Built This as podcasts - how is this different? Will any other podcasts be available on public radio stations in the future?

Steve: The radio broadcasts will be curated to highlight the best of both shows from the archives. Sometimes listeners will hear the most recent Planet Money, especially if the topic is something in the news. Sometimes the content of the shows might complement each other. Our production teams will be working together closely to give public radio listeners the best experience each week.

Podcasting has been an incredible testing ground for new program development. We've heard from our Member stations that they want to share these shows with their listeners. We're starting with two of our hit podcasts, Planet Money and How I Built This. This fall, Hidden Brain and It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders will join the radio lineup.

Q: Why are you excited about this project?

Steve: It's going to be an enriching listen. We know that public radio listeners are looking for deep storytelling and conversations, especially on the weekends. They'll get that in Planet Money where the stories are both engaging and important. How I Built This gives our listeners the chance to be inspired by the founders of iconic companies.

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