Committee Assembled To Review Public Notification Process

Nov 15, 2013

A committee tasked with reviewing the public notification process for concentrated animal feeding permit applications in the state, will have its first meeting this week. 

Public notice is given when a general permit is issued, and anyone can apply for CAFO coverage under that permit, as long as the applicant’s nutrient management plan is published on the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality website for a minimum of 30 days.

Ryan Benefield, deputy director of the ADEQ says this process is being reviewed by a committee formed during this year’s legislative session.

"It was developed around the time when there was a lot of controversy around C & H Hog Farm issuance of a CAFO general permit. It is the only general permit we have issued to a CAFO so far, so that seems to be probably some of the things that led to the legislation," said Benefield. 

The committee‘s first meeting is at 10 AM Monday at ADEQ headquarters in Little Rock.