Cotton Says President Not Willing To Commit Resources To Defeat ISIS

Jun 10, 2015

Sen. Tom Cotton, speaking with Roby Brock via satellite from the U.S. Capitol.
Credit Talk Business & Politics

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, said Wednesday that he does not think President Obama is willing to commit the resources necessary to defeat ISIS, the militant terrorist group responsible for the kidnapping and killing of Westerners, including American journalists and workers.

“I’m sure the President would like to eliminate the Islamic State (ISIS) and he’s stated his strategy is to defeat and degrade them – which is a fine strategy – but I think he lacks the commitment to put the resources behind that strategy to achieve those proper ends,” Cotton said.

Cotton was interviewed by Talk Business & Politics Editor-in-Chief Roby Brock as part of content partner KATV Ch. 7’s new “Connect To Congress” series.

“I think he (Obama) lacks a strategy as well as a commitment to commit the resources necessary to defeat the Islamic state,” said the state’s junior senator.

“America is going to have to commit more resources. It won’t look like the Iraq War looked with 150,000 troops and heavy mechanized vehicles,” said Cotton, who emphasized the need for more air controllers, logistics and intelligence experts, and stronger ties with Sunni tribes.

Cotton also discussed restrictions on trade with Cuba, part of a measure he’s co-sponsored in the Senate. A delegation of Arkansans, led by the State Chamber of Commerce, just returned from Cuba.

Cotton also explained how he did not feel U.S. Senate business would be conducted too differently despite five Senators having entered the 2016 Presidential race.

With four Republican Senators – Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz – and Independent turned Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders in the race, Cotton said he had made up his mind who he wants to support in the 2016 Presidential field.

“Sometimes people ask me if I support any of these Senators for the Presidency, and I’m proud to announce that I strongly support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary,” Cotton joked.

You can view the full interview below.