Court Offers Amnesty for People Who Fail To Pay Court Fines

Mar 8, 2013


 Starting March 15th , the Pulaski County Circuit Court will be granting amnesty to those who have outstanding warrants for failure to pay court fines. Over 2,000 people who have warrants for the offense must actually pay their fine, but can avoid additional penalties.

People with warrants can go to the Circuit Clerk’s office to clear their name “and by doing this,” says Pulaski County Circuit Judge Vann Smith, “the arrest warrant will be recalled. So they won't have to worry about a traffic stop where there's an outstanding warrant on them and being arrested.”

Judge Smith says those who want to find out if they have an outstanding warrant that qualifies can call 340-8500. “It's important that we collect the money. It should be important to those who have outstanding warrants to have a mechanism so that they don't have to worry about being arrested and taken to jail and be involved more in the court system,” says Smith.

The offer lasts until May 1st when people who have not paid their fines will have their driver’s licenses suspended.