A Creative Goodbye To NPR's Old Headquarters

Apr 19, 2013
Originally published on April 24, 2013 2:27 pm

As children, we are frequently told to never, ever write on the walls at home or at school. And we dream of an adulthood filled with extra recess, as many cookies as you can eat and Crayola masterpieces adorning every surface.

Unfortunately, these dreams don't usually pan out quite as we had wished (NPR has way less scheduled recess time than I had hoped...), and there are few occasions to scribble with abandon. But as an adult, if you wait for the perfect moment, you might just get a bit more flexibility in the rules.

Recently, we "adults" here at NPR seized an opportunity for such art and ran with it. You see, NPR is moving. We're departing our old offices in Washington, D.C., and relocating to a new building just down the road. The "old building," as we lovingly call it, is getting torn down soon. So, in our final days of occupancy, we decided to leave our mark with a little bit of beautiful, creative and occasionally hilarious graffiti collected in the slideshow below.

Please don't tell our parents.

[Note: No buildings were harmed in the making of this blog post.]

Molly Hart works with NPR News in Washington, D.C. She is definitely not an artist but very fond of recess and cookies.

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