Crews To Change Parking Signage In River Market

Oct 3, 2013

Little Rock officials say there won't be any parking tickets written for the 2-hour or pay-and-display areas in the River Market District as crews change signage there.

The River Market District in downtown Little Rock.

However, the city says parking meter violations in other areas of Little Rock still will be enforced. 

The city is in the process of installing a pay-and-display parking system in the River Market.

Parking enforcement workers in the River Market District will show drivers how to use the new payment system during the rest of the week.

They'll start issuing tickets on Monday, but until Oct. 11, those tickets will only be warnings.

The city will start issuing tickets with fines on Oct. 14 for drivers who have not paid to park in the areas covered by the pay-and-display units.