Curious Listener: What Is A Sha-Poopie?

Jul 25, 2013

It can be frustrating when you can't find something you need – like the keys you thought were in your pants pocket but seem to have vaporized.

While we can't help you locate your keys, the NPR Services staff is here to help listeners find answers to all kinds of questions related to NPR. And those questions that fall outside the realm of public radio, well, sometimes they catch our eye too.

Such is the case with this particular listener letter - who could resist doing a little investigating to learn more about something called a Sha-Poopie?

We certainly couldn't, so we decided to dig in.

A few years ago the inventor of the shapoopie, a dog waste management device, was on the show. I want to buy one but there is no longer a website. Do you know where can one get one?


Wellesley, MA

If you don't know, the "shapoopie" Chis asked about, is the invention of Dan Shalhoub. He's the brother of actor Tony Shalhoub who discussed the device on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! last year, telling Host Peter Sagal that it's "a thing that all dog owners who live in urban areas should have... [it] catches the poop before it hits the ground."

Chris, we hope you can find some ideas for tracking down a Sha-Poopie in re-listening to this segment from the show so cleaning up after your pup will never be an issue again.

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