Deadline Looming for Voter ID Comment

Jun 30, 2013

Tomorrow is the deadline for public comment regarding the new Voter ID law, according to the office of the Secretary of State.

The law, also known as Act 595, requires Arkansans to present a photo identification to election officials at the time of voting.  Despite being vetoed by Governor Mike Beebe, the law was put into effect earlier this year and has been met with controversy since its enactment.

The Secretary of State's office issued a proposal last month that includes rules of this law. But spokesman Alex Reed noted negative comments have primarily pertained to things that can't be changed.

"[Comments are] more about the law itself," Reed said. "They disagree with the law, and there's nothing really from our standpoint that we can do about the law because it is law."

Reed also said input is wholly encouraged and the Secretary of State's office will continue being open with voters even after public comment is closed.

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