Death Row Inmates Ask For Second Look At Secrecy Ruling, Governor Hutchinson Is Unfazed

Jul 7, 2016

Eight death row inmates are asking the Arkansas Supreme Court to reconsider its decision to uphold a state law that keeps information about lethal injection drugs secret from the public. Attorneys for the inmates filed a petition on Thursday. Justices say the request to reconsider will be addressed before the court’s ruling goes into effect.

Governor Asa Hutchinson said he is proceeding as planned to resume executions.

“We wait for the mandate and the Supreme Court to do its business. We wait for the attorney general to write a letter saying these inmates are ready for dates to be set. Then we’ll proceed from there and continue to look at the drug supply issue," said the Republican governor.

One of the three drugs used by the state for executions expired last week. Previously the drug supplier declined to re-supply the state. Attorneys for the death row inmates argue the state secrecy law regarding the drug supply could lead to a cruel and unusual administering of punishment.  

Arkansas has not executed in inmate in 10 years due to ongoing legal challenges and drug supply issues.