Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine To Fundraise In Little Rock

Aug 23, 2016

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine standing with presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Credit NPR

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is making a fundraising stop in Little Rock as part of swing through traditionally red states. The U.S. Senator from Virginia will be at the west Little Rock home of Deborah and Mike Roberts on Tuesday.

The minimum contribution for the private event is $2,700 per-person. The maximum donation, for a chair-level contributor, tops out at $50,000.

Funds raised go toward the Hillary Victory Fund which first allocates the maximum for presidential campaigns ($2,700 individual, $5,400 married couples). The remainder is directed to the Democratic National Committee and state parties for races up and down the ballot.

Co-host Mike Roberts is an attorney and member of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. The Arkansas Times notes Roberts was re-appointed to the commission by Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Last week, an article in POLITICO said Kaine’s swing into Republican-leaning states is both to secure untapped fundraising dollars and to “plant a seed of doubt in Trump Tower about the shape of the electoral map.” Such forays could pressure Republican nominee Donald Trump's campaign to re-direct resources from battleground states.

The stop in Little Rock follows appearances in Missouri, Idaho, and Wyoming. On Tuesday, Kaine will also be in Nashville, Tennessee.