Desegregation Agreement Reached, Joshua Intervenors On Board

Nov 19, 2013

Three Pulaski County School Districts, the state of Arkansas, a group called the Knight Intervenors and a group representing black families have agreed to settle a decades-long lawsuit.

The settlement would have the state send about 65 million dollars a year to the three districts for four more years among other provisions. The fate of the deal hinged on a Little Rock School Board meeting on Monday.

The board had scheduled the meeting to decide whether to agree to the settlement with or without the support of the Joshua Intervenors who advocate on behalf of black families involved in the case.  KUAR's Chris Hickey was at the meeting and has this report.

UPDATE: The audio report for this story states that the parties are expected to finalize the settlement in court on December 9. Based on statements from federal judge Price Marshall Tuesday, the parties could finalize the settlement as early as Friday, November 19.