Dinosaur Legislation Advances Out Of House Committee

Jan 18, 2017

Rep. Greg Leding (D-Fayetteville) and Mason Cypress Oury present the official state dinosaur legislation at a committee meeting Wednesday,
Credit arkansashouse.org

A bill to establish an official state dinosaur advanced out of a House committee Wednesday Democratic State Rep. Greg Leding of Fayetteville is the measure’s sponsor. The resolution, HCR1003, would make Arkansaurus Fridayi the official dinosaur of Arkansas.

Click here for more information on the bill and the dinosaur.

Leding co-presented the bill at the House Committee on Aging, Children and Youth, Legislative and Military Affairs with a constituent, Mason Oury, a high school senior who has been campaigning for the issue.

Oury pointed out that nine states have an official state dinosaur, including Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

“We need to catch up to our border rivals,” he quipped.

“We only have 24 state symbols and Arkansas is the 25th state in the Union. We kind of need a 25th state symbol if we’re going to do the whole ‘25’ thing.” 

The resolution now heads to the full House for a vote.