Emerald Park

Oct 16, 2013

Emerald Park Waterfalls

Located in North Little Rock - sandwiched between Burns Park, Pulaski Tech, Ft. Roots, and the VA - Emerald Park is a hidden gem offering stunning views of Little Rock, the Arkansas River, and Pinnacle Mountain.

It has both paved and unpaved trails that range from smooth, flat and easy to rough and steep.

The trails in Emerald Park connect to the River Trail and make for a nice scenic detour for pedestrians and mountain bikers.

The trails can be accessed from two parking areas: One off Ft. Roots Dr. and the other located off Marge Gardner Lane behind Pulaski Tech.

Immediately following heavy rains, multiple spectacular waterfalls flow over the edge of the cliffs in the park.

You can find more information on parks and trails in Arkansas at trailsofarkansas.com.