An Emotional Ending

Jun 24, 2016
Originally published on December 30, 2016 7:07 am

We're closing this show like any good TV show or movie — with "An Emotional Ending." Every answer in this round contains a word that is also a feeling or emotion. If we said, "It's an app where avians are flung across the screen at piggies," you'd answer, "Angry Birds."

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Now we're going to crown this week's big winner. Let's bring back Dorian, Vivian, Ian and Daniel to play our final round.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Art Chung, take it away.

ART CHUNG: Thank you, Ophira. We're closing the show like any good TV episode or movie, with an emotional ending. Every answer in this round will contain a word that is also a feeling or emotion. So for example, if I said it's an app where feathered animals are flung across the screen at piggies, you would say "Angry Birds." We're playing this spelling bee style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You only have a few seconds to give me that answer, and the last person standing is our big winner. Your prize is an ASK ME ANOTHER Rubik's Cube and a bag of "Independence Day: Resurgence" swag from Fox.


CHUNG: Here we go. Dorian, this word describes a group of lions.


CHUNG: A pride of lions, that is correct.



CHUNG: Vivian, the video for this Pharrell Williams hit song features people dancing all through Los Angeles.


CHUNG: That is "Happy," correct.


CHUNG: Ian, Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for her role in the movie version of this musical set in France.


CHUNG: Three seconds. Shaking your head.



CHUNG: Sorry, step aside Ian. Let's see if Daniel knows the answer.

DANIEL GIBBONS: "Les Miserables?"

CHUNG: That is correct. We have to say goodbye to you, Ian. Thank you.


CHUNG: Dorian, this ABC drama took place on Wisteria Lane.

FRANKEL: "Desperate Housewives?"

CHUNG: Desperate is the emotion, thank you.


CHUNG: Vivian, it's the nickname for a pirate's black flag featuring a skull and crossbones. Sorry, do you have an answer?

LIAO: Nope.

CHUNG: No? OK, step aside. We're back to Daniel.

GIBBONS: Jolly Roger?

CHUNG: Jolly Roger's correct. We have to say goodbye to Vivian.


CHUNG: We are quickly down to two players, Dorian and Daniel. Dorian, this game show hosted by Joe Rogan made contestants lie down in tubs full of insects.

FRANKEL: I hated that show. Oh...


FRANKEL: ...Sorry.

CHUNG: Can you conjure the name?


CHUNG: No, you can't. All right, let's step aside. Daniel, if you know the answer to this, you're our big winner.

GIBBONS: "Fear Factor."

CHUNG: That is correct.


EISENBERG: Congratulations, Daniel. You are our big winner. Well done.


EISENBERG: That's our show. Thank you so much for playing. For bonus games and stuff that's too hot for radio, look us up on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our podcast on Google Play, iTunes and Stitcher. Come see us live or be a contestant. Go to ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey, my name anagrams to narc thug.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton.

CHUNG: Thou jolt a cannon.

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EISENBERG: And our production partner, WNYC. I'm her ripe begonias.

EISENBERG: Ophira Eisenberg.

CHUNG: And this was ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.

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