Ethics Complaint Filed Against Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan

Aug 20, 2015

Treasurer Dennis Milligan speaking to reporters during a press conference in April.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

Little Rock lawyer and blogger Matt Campbell has filed a 113-page ethics complaint against State Treasurer Dennis Milligan and several staff members listing 14 separate allegations.

The complaint, filed Thursday, alleges Milligan promised treasurer's office jobs to unqualified campaign workers and hired the spouses of two Arkansas legislators against state policy. Campbell also alleges Milligan misused resources as Saline County circuit clerk for campaign purposes, used state resources for other political work and mishandled campaign finance reports.

Graham Sloan, the director of the Arkansas Ethics Commission, says under state law he cannot confirm or deny the existence of any complaint filed with the panel.

The treasurer's office said Milligan had not seen the complaint. Milligan spokesman Grant Wallace said the allegations he could address legally on state time were mischaracterizations.