Ethics Panel Allows Treasurer To Fix Campaign Complaints

Sep 23, 2015

Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan speaking at a press conference earlier this year at the state Capitol.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

The Arkansas Ethics Commission has dropped eight of the 13 allegations from its investigation of Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan.

Milligan's former campaign staff filed more than a dozen amended campaign finance reports on Friday to address complaints filed by Little Rock attorney and blogger Matt Campbell.

Under ethics law reforms passed by voters last year, Milligan had 30 days to fix any unintentional reporting violations and the Ethics Commission then does not take action on those matters.

Five other allegations remain - including misuse of public resources and hiring the spouses of two state legislators without proper approval. An attorney for Milligan says he believes those claims will also be dismissed.

The Ethics Commission does not comment on investigations. Campbell did not return a phone call for comment.