Federal Judge OKs Bid To Expand Planned Parenthood Lawsuit

Jan 25, 2016

Little Rock's Planned Parenthood clinic during a demonstration last September.
Credit Jacob Kauffman / KUAR News

A federal judge has approved Planned Parenthood's request to expand its lawsuit challenging Arkansas' decision to cut off Medicaid funding to the group over videos secretly recorded by an anti-abortion group.

U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker on Monday granted Planned Parenthood's motion seeking class-action status for its lawsuit challenging the termination. Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson in August announced he was terminating the contract over the videos.

Baker in October issued a preliminary injunction ordering Arkansas to pay for the services for the three unidentified plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Her decision allows the state to ban the funding in other circumstances.

Planned Parenthood says it will now ask Baker to expand her order to include all Medicaid patients who use Planned Parenthood.