Findings Regarding Integration in Pulaski County

Mar 14, 2013

Hunter Bacot

 I am Hunter Bacot with the UALR Institute of Government.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our annual Racial Attitudes Surveys of Pulaski County.

Leaders working toward improved race and ethnic relations need local data in order to get a clear picture of a problem so that progress can be made in out community.

As Dr. Joel Anderson said in confronting this issue, “You have to face it to fix it.”

In Pulaski County, we have three sizable groups—whites, blacks, and Hispanics—and a small but growing international population.

Respondents have indicated being comfortable interacting and working with people of different races or ethnicities. However, close personal relationships across racial lines are uncommon.

Recognition of the benefits of integrated practices in the workplace, education, and business have improved over the decade in which we’ve engaged this conversation.

Learn more about Racial Attitudes in Pulaski County at the annual conference later this month.

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