Game Changer Of Education And Economic Development

Jun 3, 2013


A brand new tool for research and economic development was unveiled on Monday at UALR.

The Emerging Analytics Center includes 35 screens with more than 50 million pixels offering high definition graphics for 3D applications.  Connected with a 3D floor projector, it allows the ability to “touch” the data and robotic “telepresence” equipment.

Governor Mike Beebe said, "It's kind of over my head from the standpoint of the technology of it. What's exciting is it's the only one in the world, apparently."

This project was made possible by a $5 million grant from the George W. Donaghey Foundation.

Dr. Mary Good, UALR special advisor for economic development, will be leading the EAC.

"Donaghey foundation said to us, 'we are in a position where we could support a new project, but it has to be a game changer and no bricks and mortar', and this was our answer," said Dr. Good. 

Officials say the potential application of the machine is endless. It can be used for medicines, manufacturing, sciences, education, and government related issues.

"By being able to utilize this sort of technology, you can cut the time, you can cut the cost... construct the job faster, better and (have) less cost to the customer. People will pay for that," said Dr. Good.

She says UALR is the best place to build it at because of the many people who are experts in this area.  She says they are figuring out a fee structure to allow private companies to make use of the machine.

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