Governor Appoints New Game And Fish Commissioner

Jul 15, 2015

From right: Morgan, Ben Batten, Field Editor of the Communications Division and Ben Batten, Assistant Chief of the Fisheries Division

Governor Asa Hutchinson has appointed a retired Chevrolet dealer from Stuttgart to be a new member of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Hutchinson announced the appointment of Joe Morgan Wednesday to a seven year term. Morgan, who succeeds outgoing commissioner Ron Duncan of Springdale, said he looks forward to working with people at the agency to ensure the state's wildlife diversity.

“I've always been a big proponent of the wildlife management areas, and being sure that those are quality and being run properly and they're a huge asset to the state. These public hunting grounds are something that we need really need to take good care of. I think Game and Fish has done a good job with that and I hope we can continue to do that in the future,” he said.

Morgan joins six other voting members of the commission. His son, Brett Morgan, is a former commissioner. He said he is honored to be appointed, calling it the “an opportunity of a lifetime,” pointing out that his job will involve a lot of personal interaction.

“We're in a people's all about people. The people who work here, the license holders and everyone in the state. And if our people skills are good, then the rest of it is easy.

The Game and Fish Commission has the authority to enact wildlife regulations throughout the state. Its officers can also issue citations or arrest those who violate regulations. The commission meets on a monthly basis. The next meeting is Thursday. July 16th.