A Group Of Arkansas Doctors Opposes Medical Marijuana Ballot

Oct 24, 2012

Several doctors are voicing their opposition to a medical marijuana proposal that will be on the ballot next month.

Members with the Physician Coalition Against Medical Marijuana spoke Wednesday afternoon in Little Rock saying marijuana has not been adequately researched.

Doctors voicing their opposition to Issue 5
Credit Photo: Kezia Nanda

Dr. David Smith with Baptist Health Medical Center says he deals with patients suffering from pain and death everyday and doesn’t believe this is the solution.

“When we get something from someone’s garden… We don’t know what’s in it. We have enough problems in the hospital with knowing what people bring in and you add that to another level with an addictive drug, you got even more problems,” said Smith.  

Several supporters of issue five were at the press conference. Eric Camp suffers from AIDS and believes marijuana offers solid benefits.

“I’m here for my partner that died 10 years ago who would not let me go get him some medical marijuana because he was scared I’d get arrested. He suffered. And these doctors don’t even specialize in any of the conditions listed in this law. This is political. This is not medical. It’s not medical. Listen to your patients,” said Camp.

Another supporter says there are at least 75 Arkansas doctors who support medical marijuana but are afraid of losing their jobs if they support the proposal.