Health Department Issues E-Cigarette Advisory

May 6, 2014

The Arkansas Health Department is cautioning consumers to be aware of the dangers of e-cigarettes, which use vapor to deliver nicotine.

The agency says the practice known as 'vaping' exposes consumers to harmful chemicals. Health officials said Tuesday that e-cigarettes are unregulated and pose health risks to users and people who breathe second-hand fumes.

Officials say e-cigarettes should not be used indoors or in vehicles because secondhand vapor exposes people to a variety of chemicals. The Health Department says bystanders can inhale nicotine, propylene glycol and tobacco-related contaminants, which include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein.

Officials say pregnant women should avoid the devices because nicotine can damage a developing fetus. The agency says e-cigarettes come with flavorings - such as bubble gum - that make them more attractive to young people.